Tattoos in Film

When it comes to Tattoos in film, Temptu is the reigning champion. 
With over 100 film credits in the past 20 years, from Independent Films to Hollywood Block Busters- you have to wonder what makes Temptu so special?
Knowing that there is little knowledge floating around the internet on the topic of Temporary Tattoo’s for film, I’ve decided I’ll help users understand why Temptu Pro Tattoo Transfers are THE temporary tattoos to use.
Originally developed by Famed chemist Dr. Samuel Zuckerman our Dura Ink was created with filmmaking in mind. 
As you know a film set gets HOT, and when things get hot- people sweat, things melt, and makeup is no fun.
With this in mind we set out to create a heat resistant, sweat resistant, long lasting, skin-safe ink… Thus Dura was born. 
Dura Ink was first used on the film “Tattoo” starring Bruce Dern and Maud Adams, after “Tattoo” we had the chance to work with the Coen brothers on there laugh out loud film Raising Arizona… By this time we realized how much of a need there was for high quality Temporary Tattoos in the film industry, and we’ve been here ever since.
So what makes our transfers the best?

Lets start with the engineering of the tattoos. Waterslide tattoos (or what are commonly considered to be the standard temporary tattoo) are applied by soaking the back of the tattoo with water until the image has transfered to the skin. Waterslides are created using a heavy paper coated with a water-soluable gel, this gel is the foundation of the transfer. The problem with Waterslides is that when you transfer your tattoo, you also transfer a semi-translucent material around the edges of the image onto the skin, this obviously ruining the illusion that the tattoo is real. 
Our Pro Transfers are alcohol based and printed on a paper without gelatin. We use our famed Dura ink to print the image, so you get a long lasting, natural looking tattoo. 
We also use a combination of colors in our inks to render realistic color tones on the skin. You may have noticed that tattoos are often a little faded and worn, to achieve this look for example we would mix blue, green, and black to create that authentic Tattoo Black look. 
Another great thing about Temptu Pro Transfers is our custom order system. You supply us the art and we will then print it to your specifications. 

Check out some of our film credits  :: IMDB page updated 1.15.200
Temptu was recently featured in an article in INKED magazine, if you haven’t seen it- you HAVE to check it out!
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