The History of Airbrush Makeup

In this article we will take a look at the history of Airbrush Makeup. The first Airbrush was invented in 1879 by Abner Peeler using mostly spare parts from a jeweler’s  workshop, 4 years later a company by the name of Liberty Walkup began marketing Peeler’s invention. In 1893 Thayer and Chandler Art Materials presented the first modern airbrush at the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago, this device resembled the body of a pen and functioned similarly to the way the modern airbrushes do today. 

In 1958 MGM began production on their epic film Ben-Hur (1959) – during production the makeup artists found themselves needing to apply faux tans to the thousands of extras who were supposed to be Romans, the airbrush proved to be their answer. They began spraying the extras with a makeshift foundation and found that the method worked extremely well.


Its revival started in some early and more resent sci-fi films. It is used to enhance many alien characters, prosthetic make up. In the mid 70’s airbrush face painting emerged as a popular art form that leaked slowly into Hollywood studios. It was first seen in the hair and beauty trade shows bal masque completions. Temporary tattoos, conventional make up, fantasy make up, Bodyart, fingernails hair and even airbrush tanning are some of the styles being used today.



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