Johnny Depp gets the Airbrush Treatment

The Oscar winning makeup artist Peter Owen was hired by Tim Burton to work on his latest film “Sweeney Todd”When it came to the makeup Peter Owen knew that Mr. Burton would be using a Bleach Bypass Processing method – this is a method that gives the film a high contrast look and also adds to the Silver Halides in the film negative thus creating a mute silver look, knowing this Owen’s decided to go for a very “dead” look, he felt this would perfectly compliment the colors of the film.

Owen’s decided to airbrush the foundations in order to achieve a flawless paleness to the faces, he then went in under the eyes and sprayed a darker color creating dark rings and bags giving him a feeling of depth, he also used his airbrush to spray a stripe through his hair adding to the drama of the character.

Peter Owen is a very talented makeup artist with over 20 award winning film credits, 7 personal wins, and 1 Oscar win (Lord of the Rings)

If you wanted to achieve this look you could use Temptu’s Porcelain Foundation with a smidgen of our Blue Adjuster for the foundation.

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