Airbrush Makeup meets High Definition : or how Airbrush Cosmetics revolutionized the television industry.

With High Definition being all the rage these days whether it be in Television, Film, or even Photography- Makeup artists find themselves working backwards, that is before they turn to Airbrushing.

As technology improves and imaging equipment evolves the images are becoming larger and larger with outstanding detail. Thats good news for the techno guru’s but for the person in front of the lens… Well lets just say it can be rather frightening!

Lets look at the difference between Standard Definition (or commonly called SD) versus High Definition (HD.)  SD and HD are terms used to describe the resolution (or size) of the video or image. An SD image usually has a resolution of 640 x 480 where an HD signal is more of a broad term used to describe any signal larger than the common SD signal, common HD resolutions are 1280 x 720 and 1920 x 1080. Below is a photo representing the size comparison between SD and HD – in this case, the pink and yellow boxes display common Standard Def sizes where as the green and purple represent the common High Def sizes.

So what does this mean? A whole lot. With an increase in resolution comes an increase in detail, with an increase in detail- well, we get to see just about everything…In comes the Airbrush, with Airbrush Makeup the foundation is sprayed through a spray-gun breaking the liquid up into microdots that sit on the skin, giving the appearance of a flawless complexion.

Traditional makeup gets rubbed into the skin and can appear caked-on or thick in front of HD Cameras.

Airbrush Makeup is light and sweat-proof (a must if your working on a film-set.) Because the foundation is a liquid formula it can be easily mixed with other colors for custom skin tone matching and blends smoothly and evenly.

News is harsh. Not literally – technically. The cameras used in the News stations are broadcast cameras designed to shoot at 60 Interlaced frames (or 60i) this means that for every 1 second of video, 60 images are captured representing the motion that occurred within that 1 second (video and film are nothing more than photos captured consecutively in a row and displayed consecutively in a row on a set timeline.) So why is the News harsh? Well you may have noticed that the News has a different “look” then one of your favorite films, thats because film cameras shoot at 24 frames a second (for every 1 second of video we have 24 images representing the motion within that second.) Since film is captured at a slower frame rate, the result is a softer more dreamlike image that often displays motion blurring , whereas the 60i News footage tends to be A LOT sharper and has what many Cinematographers say a “harsh look to it.” Because the cameras are sharper, News stations are constantly looking for ways to make their anchors appear more Flattering in front of the lens, with the help of Airbrush Makeup this has become a much easier task.

Temptu Cosmetics specializes in creating the highest quality Airbrush Makeup designed for the High Definition revolution. 

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