Ultra High Definition and how it effects the world of Makeup

Jim Jannard (Owner of  Oakley sunglasses) got plenty of laughs when he first announced at NAB that he was creating an Ultra High Definition camera with a full size 35mm CMOS sensor with a price point of $17,500.00- now, nearly two years later the RED Camera is real and it looks like Jim Jannard is the one who’s laughing now.

With Panasonic and Sony scrambling to come up with a way to compete you have to wonder what makes the RED so unique.

The RED camera is a camera capable of shooting at 4k resolution utilizing their own “Mysterium Sensor” that produces images rated at 12 million effective pixels- if your confused right now, check out the image below…

Last week I posted an article on the differences between SD and HD with a similar visual, the difference here is what happens once you transcend High Definition. You’ll see now that we have resolutions labeled 2k and 4k (or common resolutions for a rapidly emerging format called Ultra High Definition.) These images are extremely large, in-fact they are nearly three times the size of traditional HD or 35mm film. Currently the only camera capable of capturing a larger image/more information are IMAX cameras.

This means makeup has met its biggest challenge, perfection. It’s easy to fool the audience when your working on a film thats intended for a Standard Definition medium, however HD and now Ultra-HD are the latest rage and that means makeup artists need to know the technical knowledge behind the medium they will be working with. With Airbrushing you can achieve flawless coverage that will even fool an IMAX camera. Why? Technology, technology, technology!  Airbrush Makeup is sprayed through an airbrush gun as a liquid formula, the formula gets broken up into an even mist that covers the skin evenly and naturally, the colors can also be mixed to make the perfect color match!

Check out Temptu’s Website for product information and more faqs.

Also check out the RED One site and read up on some of the technology behind their Ultra-HD camera. 

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