Airbrush vs Traditional makeup

At the International Digital Film Forum (IDIFF) DoP Geoff Boyle conducted numerous tests with technologies most sophisticated cameras in the HD world; they tested just about everything- including makeup!The cameras:

  •  Arri D20
  • HPX3000
  • Viper Filmstream
  • Sony F23
3 different models were tested under various lighting conditions with airbrush makeup, traditional makeup, and no makeup. With professional makeup artists applying the cosmetics and seasoned cinematographers mimicking common lighting schemes it was the perfect setup to test Airbrush vs Traditional makeup. 
After testing multiple cameras, with multiple monitor setups and using both hard lighting and soft lighting DoP Geoff Boyle said this: “The differences were huge, the conventional makeup very visible when the models moved their heads and the backlight caught it. The airbrushed makeup was smooth and subtle, you’d have said they had no makeup but they loooked too good for that!? In order of preference, shot with 100mm master prime, D-20 and monitored with a Cinetal we decided Airbrush was best, none second and conventional makeup a very firm last place. This was a very harsh test of sking and what seemed to happen was that conventional makeup caught in any imperfections in the skin and amplified them! We only tested the silicon based airbrush but you can get water and alcohol bases for other purposes.” 
Below is a still from the Viper Filmstream camera. 



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