jared gold. czarina.


 Jared Gold is known for his wild fashion shows where the ordinary gets a chance to become extraordinary; like madagascar hissing cockroaches covered in Swarovski diamonds or runway stars like Traci Lords and Jennifer Carpenter, or the fact that Gold decided to stage his show in LA’s historic Union Station instead of showing at the Smashbox Studio tents…  Saying that Jared Gold knows how to throw a fashion show would be an understatement, Gold is an artist pushing the boundaries of fashion- and when it came to his latest project Temptu got a phone call… 

Temptu was the official makeup sponsor for the 2008 Jared Gold fashion show. Every artist needs their tools to help them create their vision; for CZARINA the look was a neo-victorian fairy tale application that complemented Golds collection perfectly (at least we think so!)

You can find the products at www.temptu.com   


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