No need to Cry Baby.


Why you cryin’ Wade? Those tats were painless- they’re Temptu’s! Thats right; John Waters cult classic film “Cry Baby” is now getting a taste of the footlights on Broadway.

 Makeup artist Randy Mercer has been working day and night preparing for the Broadway run of Cry Baby. Randy has used Temptu before so when it came to finding the right tats to help create Wade “Cry Baby” Walkers look he knew where to come. For Mr. Mercer we designed some custom tattoos with our in-house illustrators then sent them to our printing space where we turned them into alcohol based ink transfers; we also supplied some of our pro tattoo transfers to add a little eye candy here and there.

The curtains rise April 24th, so be sure to reserve your tickets soon!

For inquiries on custom tattoos please contact sales[at] 


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