Anchors Aweigh

High def, high pressure: Advent of HD TV has some news anchors sweating

When Kathie Lee Gifford announced her new gig on the “Today” show last week, she quipped, “I’m 8 years older, 10 pounds heavier and half an inch shorter — just in time for HD television.” 

KSTP anchor Cyndy Brucato, 57, chuckled when she heard it. Her producers tested out high-definition cameras in their Minneapolis station a month ago, and Brucato served as their guinea pig. “I had to laugh,” she said. “I was thinking, ‘If I look OK, everyone else will.'” 

High-def TV brings every detail into stunning clarity. It’s awesome for viewing the pine needles in a forest or the white caps of an ocean, but it’s awful for viewing the pores of an anchor’s face — especially if you’re the anchor… (read more) 


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