Temptu Hits the Runway at LA Fashion Week

Temptu airbrush team was backstage at Voom by Joy Han at the California Market Center for LA Fashion Week led by key makeup artist Anthony Merante.


Here’s how Temptu’s airbrush makeup team got the look:

1. Start with a clean and moisturized face and lips. Apply the Temptu S/B Primer with a flat foundation brush.

2. Find the appropriate S/B Foundation shade and Use an Adjuster if needed.  Lightly Airbrush the entire face in sections.  We want the skin to be glowing and youthful, so complete coverage is not needed.

3. Use the Temptu concealer wheel mixed with a drop or so of the S/B Foundation where needed.

4. With your left over S/B Foundation still in the gun, apply a few drops of S/B Blush color in shade (Blush) along with a few drops of the Peachy Pink Blush and mix with an eyeliner brush or back bubble.  Apply this mixture to the apple of the cheeks and the hollows of the cheek.

5. Clean out the airbrush and add a few drops of the Pink Pearl Highlighter to the gun. Lightly highlight the bridge of the nose, the forehead, middle of the chin and above the cheekbones.

6. Brows are lightly filled in by hand with the Temptu Airbrow Kit in an appropriate shade and then brushed.

7. Apply 1 coat of Black Mascara to CURLED eyelashes starting at the base. Apply a second coat if necessary.

8. Mix a dime sized drop of face gloss with 3 drops of Pink Pearl Highlighter and apply liberally to the entire eyelid. With a black Kohl Pencil draw a smudge on the outer corners and smudge with a stiff brush.

9. Line the lips with a nude lip liner. DO NOT FILL IN! Mix a dime sized drop of Clear Lip Gloss and 5 drops of Peachy Pink Blush Color and apply to lips Liberally.


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