Nurse Jackie: Spotlighting the Pros

47369363To much success, Showtime just launched the new dramedy series, Nurse Jackie, starring Eddie Falco.   The show depicts a very compent but self medicating ER nurse.   Of course with the backdrop of a hospital, special effects are not far behind.   Temptu had the chance to sit down with the makeup FX designer, Vincent Schicchi as he commented on his favorite Temptu Dura Pro Palettes:

“I’ve enjoyed the Frozen Palette:  frozen, frost, deep bruise, and gangrene are great for many different “dead” looks.   The Grease and Grime palette is also extemely useful. I’ve used it many times to simulate all sorts of dirt. The colors are very accurate, and it has a very varied assortment, including one of my favorites, rust. I find that the grease color is perfect for any industrial look and the mud and marsh are great”

Thanks Vincent!  We’ll be watching and looking for these great effects!


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