ArtBattles the New Way to Wage War

For all of you art lovers who have yet to be to a New York art battle you are truly missing out.  This fast-paced “live art” show is all about trash-talking, in-your-face painting coming from emerging local artists.

An ArtBattle showdown features a half-dozen contestants who don’t know what they’ll be working on. Previous contests have seen participants limited to just a couple of colors, confined to themes like love and hate, asked to use live nude models or – on the MTV show – paint a new version of MTV’s logo.  I’ve even seen them host a few body painting competitions.  ArtBattle competitions have occurred in alleys, apartments, MTV, and wherever else it’s creator Sean Bono could find.

These guys also host an AB Study Group, which is a weekly workshop created for (and by) artists who paint live with Art Battles.  Each training-session begins with a discussion or lecture followed by a painting session.  Their holy mission? To support emerging artists with studio space, art materials, a positive community, and the skill-set needed to live successfully as an artist in New York City.

I have a few friends that compete in these creative showdowns and it is an experience for sure.  They haven’t posted their next event on their website yet but if you want to catch one in 2010 you can keep checking or follow them on Facebook. Believe me it is definitely something worth seeing.  Who knows you might just see me up there next time getting down and creative with the rest of the ArtBattles crew.

-Gabbi, Temptu Creative


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