TEMPTU swoops in to save the day for Thread Social

This past Friday the Temptu AIRbrush Makeup System was working it’s magic at the hands of Makeup artist Adrian Reamey helping Thread Social‘s model achieve Temptu’s signature natural, flawlessly beautiful glow.  With a last minute photo shoot on their hands the lovely ladies at Thread Social knew to come to Temptu to achieve a flawless, subtle look that would coordinate perfectly with their new fall fashions.  Using our amazing AIRbrish Makeup System and makeup AIR pods we were able to help the Thread’s model achieve an uber flawless finish that allowed their sophisticated, flirty clothing to be the shining star in the shoot.  Check out their Fall 2010 look book to see the full results.

To get the look apply 002 Ivory Foundation all over face.  Highlight cheekbones, eyelids, and bridge of the nose with 301 Champagne.  For extra contouring and to give you that warm sun-kissed look layer 005 Beige Foundation and 304 Copper Highlighter.  To achieve dewy blushed cheeks layer 403 Washed Rose and 404 Sheer Berry.  Finally for that something extra apply Sheer Berry to your lips and take those kissers from bland to completely kissable.

-Gabbi, Temptu Creative


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  1. IrishInkster says:

    I was considering getting some new ink for Saint Patrick’s. I have not chosen a spot yet, but what do you think of these or the others from this place? Thoughts?




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