Deadly Cakes

Anybody who knows me knows I love sweets!  Cake is definitely one of my favorites but Scott Hove’s Cakeland series looks more likely to eat me than vice versa. Though these cakes have some serious choppers their fluffy pink frosting is so inviting you wanna run your finger through it.  The Cakeland series is whimsically fun with a dark bite (literally).  It brings to mind the area of Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution (or at least the cake filled 2006 film staring Kirsten Dunst).  If you want to see these dangerous delectables  in person check out Hove’s first major gallery show at Billy Shire Fine Arts (LA), opening April 2, 2010.  Yum yum eat ’em up!

-Gabbi, Temptu Creative


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