Local 706 Inaugural Craft Meeting of 2010

TEMPTU LA was thrilled to be the guest presenter of Local 706’s Makeup Union Craft Meeting at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Temptu LA’s Laura Reynolds and Ava Scanlan presented to a crowd of film and television makeup artists. Laura Reynolds did a beauty demo of airbrush makeup for the hi definition age and special guest and newcomer to the Local 706 was Brian Kinney who demonstrated a tattoo cover up and a branding scar using TEMPTU PRO Palettes.

TEMPTU was proud to be there presenting along the best in the field. John Goodwin, Local 706 Craft President & legendary film and television makeup veteran who has done makeup and special effects from films including John Carpenter’s The Thing, Legend and Men in Black, demonstrated a third degree cut. Local 706 member Terry Densen demonstrated her brand new product Ingrown Hair Solution, said to be an insider secret – better than NuSkin and other products on the market. She recently began selling the product at Nigel’s. Remember, you heard it here first!


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