Icons: Goodnight, Malcolm.

Yesterday came the news that Malcolm McLaren passed away.  The obits have come fast and furious, and their range of sources – from MTV to WWD to The New York Times – showcase the many worlds his dynamism touched. 

Malcolm is best known for masterminding and managing the Sex Pistols, but he was also a musician, artist, fashion designer, businessman, producer, and all-around cultural icon.  As one of the godfathers of the British punk movement, his impact on popular culture to this day cannot be underestimated, and he was a style icon through-and-through: From his personal and professional partnership with Vivienne Westwood  that bore their King’s Road shop “Sex,” the infamous Sex Pistols, and a storied design career for Westwood (not to mention two sons) to his role managing the legendary New York Dolls, New Wavers Adam and the Ants (my childhood crush) and Bow Wow Wow (Annabella!) to all of the creative and entrepreneurial endeavors he dabbled in his next incarnations.

McLaren saw art – in all its many forms – as the perfect outlet to communicate, provoke, titillate, antagonize, and yes, sell.  Perhaps most of all, McLaren was a showman.  This weekend, let’s turn up the volume in his honor.



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