“No-Makeup” Makeup Trend – A DIY

We reported on Jessica Simpson’s cover for Marie Clair, it appears the it has spawned a trend! The “no-makeup” makeup look is the newest makeup trend to hit Hollywood as seen in this weekend’s New York Times T and this week’s People Mag. We

All Hollywood’s A-listers have caught on. Stars such as Katie HolmesKim Kardashian and Jennifer Hudson have been spotted hitting the town sporting their all natural look.

For those women who don’t have the flawless skin like the stars, and the team of facialists and celebrity dermatologists don’t worry TEMPTU can give us a helping hand.  Click here to see the howTEMPTU airbrushed foundation can cover all those unwanted blemishes and let your real beauty shine.

We can all be ready for those unexpected photo-ops taking trash and pumping gas.


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