Bring on the heat! With Airbrush Makeup you can be Melt-proof, Time to Glow With Natural Beauty

When your not prepared..

Have you ever felt like there was just nothing you could do about your makeup literally melting off of your face during those hot summer days and nights? It’s a problem each and every woman has come across. Constantly dabbing ourselves, trying to “glow” not “sweat”, reapplying and reapplying our makeup in the hopes of looking normal for at least a few hours. Worry no more! No more makeup falling into the creases of your skin, no more heavy feeling of having a mask on during the heat. The old saying, pain is beauty… Not anymore, well at least not in regards to your makeup routine. With Temptu AIRbrush Makeup you can apply makeup ONCE and it will last all day!! It’s amazing, and on top of that, you wont even feel like you are wearing makeup. With the use of airbrush makeup you have the ability to add as much coverage as you want, but regardless you still feel fresh and clean, not as if you have makeup caked on. So do yourself a favor and head to Sephora or and pick up an AIRbrush makeup System! It is the easiest, quickest and most foolproof way of looking your best all day long, and the kicker, it takes only a few minutes to do your whole face. Think about it, if you get an extra 30 minutes of sleep a night, wear makeup that goes on quickly but as though it was done professionally you are saving yourself some major prep time and able to get out and enjoy the beauty of summer! Don’t be a victim to runny makeup, looking disheveled, use the AIRbrush makeup system and not only will you feel the difference on the outside you will be filled with the confidence of knowing that makeup is one less thing you need to worry about during this heat! Now sticky clothing… that’s another story.

When you are prepared to shine! Anna Kendrick in TEMPTU makeup at the Oscars


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