Rock star for a day? Samantha Jones does it, it’s your turn….

Samantha Jones rocking out on the set of Sex and the City 2. Credit: Anthony Dixon/WENN

Samantha Jones, the bold and sexy character of the hot new film, Sex and the City 2 played by Kim Cattrall lets out her inner punk-rock princess. During the films much buzzed about 80s flashback scenes, Cattrall donned a temporary tattoo by none other than TEMPTU PRO. A company that in 1981 got it’s start with the film Tattoo, a cult classic.

Kim Cattrall wearing a temporary tattoo byTEMPTU PRO on the set of SATC2. Credit: Roger Wong/

Getting a perm and trying to bring the Walkman fad back probably wouldn’t be the best way to get noticed (in a positive light) these days, a temporary tattoo from TEMPTU or TEMPTU PRO is a great way to infuse a little edge in your look without looking like you’ve gone over the edge!

Click here to purchase a temporary ADORN Tattoo Kit from TEMPTU, or for the actual Pro Transfer Tattoo used in the film you can click here to get it from TEMPTU PRO.

All the gain, none of the pain!


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