TEMPTU Featured in The New York Times

The TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System stars in this week’s New York Times Thursday Styles (6/10/10). Cosmetics editor Catherine Saint Louis reviews today’s cutting-edge makeup technology in the Skin Deep feature; “Makeup to Help Flaws Disappear.” Comparing several foundation applicators claiming to help create a “naturally perfect look,” she calls TEMPTU the “Rolls-Royce.” Catherine Saint Louis calls TEMPTU’s AIRbrush Makeup System “addictive, especially for overachievers who can’t resist striving for perfect skin.”

Today, women want to look flawless and simultaneously natural, gone are the days of caked on makeup and “putting on your face.” TEMPTU gives today’s modern women the glowing skin and flawless perfection once only seen in movies and magazines. As Catherine Saint Louis puts it, “they don’t call it Tempt-u for nothing.”

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