F/X Friday: Burning Issues

Not long ago I was teaching an FX Makeup class at Temptu LA, and covered bruises, cuts, and very briefly, burns using 3rd Degree and Dura colors. Days later, I was given a chance to expand on this burn concept using the same materials for a series. In fact, I just about used my entire TEMPTU PRO Dura Burn palette in one day! Here’ s how it went… 

As “plane crash victims” lined up for the makeup chair, I gave each one various degrees of burns, cuts, and abrasions.

STEP ONE: Mixing flesh colored 3rd Degree on a metal palette, then spatulating it onto the face in various spots.

STEP TWO: Once this had set up (4-5 minutes later), it was time to stipple on color. I used cut orange stipple sponges with 99% alcohol and various shades of red and yellow from the TEMPTU PRO Dura Burn palette, followed by a bit of TEMPTU PRO DURA Black for soot.

STEP THREE: For heavier damage, I then put on a bit of gel blood and Ultra Pus with a synthetic brush. This punched up some nastiness to complete the look.

Some victims were more severe than others, burned by fire for instance, whereas others were minimally injured, scraped by debris. There were over a dozen victims in all. For the most catastrophic burn, I used blood toned 3rd Degree, rather than flesh colored. This really created an underlying melted devastation to the face, with fantastic results. 

This out-of-kit method makes for a great system of burns and injuries when there’s no time or budget for pre-made prosthetic appliances, and you may not know how many “victims” are scheduled. And best of all, the 3rd Degree peeled right off, making for a fairly easy cleanup. 

Brian Kinney, Guest Blogger & Makeup FX artist working in Hollywood


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  1. Artswebshow says:

    If it werent for the smiles on their faces.
    I’d believe it. lol
    Excellent effects

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