F/X Friday- Lizard Woman at IMATS

Last weekend at IMATS I did two at the TEMPTU PRO booth to show simple special effects with beauty showcasing the TEMPTU PRO DURA Metallics, as well as using a range of TEMPTU PRO products from S/B to DURA in palettes and airbrush form.

Lizard Woman – inspired by the 80s television series V. I life casted Kelly’s face and made a small vinyl prosthetic from a sculpt and mold prior to the show.

Step by Step:

  • Apply “lizard eye” contact lens to right eye
  • Apply prosthetic around right eye using Pros-Aide adhesive
  • Airbrush DURA Emerald Green and Teal on lizard portion of prosthetic
  • Airbrush DURA Blush Ivory and Ivory onto “ripped skin” portion of the prosthetic
  • Airbrush S/B Green Adjuster onto eyelid, hand brush up to lash line
  • Hand brush a small amount of S/B Concealer Wheel color mixed with S/B Mixing Medium onto face
  • Airbrush a light S/B Foundation onto face around prosthetic
  • Highlight with airbrushed S/B Pink Pearl
  • Airbrush a mixture of  S/B Nectar and Guava Blush
  • Finish with eyeliner pencil and hand applied lip color.


Stay tuned for next week’s Steam – Punk Inspired Cyborg

Brian Kinney, Guest Blogger & Makeup FX artist working in Hollywood


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