HDTV — Changing the Face of Beauty

The digital transition was in June of last year, but it is still making waves in culture around us, most importantly in the twenty-first century’s ideal of beauty. Most recently author Virginia Hefferman offers a meditation on beauty in the age of high definition in her article in “How HDTV Scrambles Beauty Standards” from June 21, 2010 New York Times Magazine. Read the article here.

May we suggest a TEMPTU SOLUTION:

The TEMPTU PRO S/B or TEMPTU, TEMPTU AIRbrush products.

Now EVERYONE, whether under fluorescence at the grocery store or in the hot-seat on screen, can look flawless. TEMPTU doesn’t cover you up, as JP McCARY, TEMPTU’s VP of Sales and Marketing recently put it on an NBC Segment,  “People won’t be thinking, wow your makeup looks great, they will be thinking wow your skin looks great.”

Are you ready for your close up?


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