Steam-Punk Inspired Cyborg

Steam-punk is used to describe Victorian sci-fi, similar to character style in City of Lost Children and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The appliance was made with urethane foam from a cast of Cat’s face and a sculpt and mold. I also wired a light up eye to complete the effect.

Step by Step:

  • Secure electronic light up eye over Cat’s with medical tape
  • Apply prosthetic with Telesis 5 adhesive
  • Airbrush appliance with Dura Copper, Silver, Emerald, and Black colors
  • Airbrush Dura Old Bruise around prosthetic onto skin
  • Airbrush S/B Porcelain onto face
  • Airbrush S/B Pink Pearl onto highlight areas
  • Airbrush a mixture of S/B Violet and Pink Pearl onto eyelid, cheek, and lips
  • Finish with S/B Airbrow hand applied and eyeliner pencil
  • Turn on eye light!

Brian Kinney, Guest Blogger & Makeup FX Artist Working in Hollywood


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