F/X Friday- Back in Blood


This week called for a few days creating elaborate, if not, unlikely deaths for a series. Each makeup consisted of pre-made prosthetic appliances, which I was sent to set to apply and embellish. These were not specifically fitted for each actor, but more generic appliances that had to be made to work. They also required a serious amount of blood.


Appliance 1

  • Give the effect of a lawn dart piercing the top of the character’s head, and protruding just above the bridge of his nose
  • Achieved with the back of the lawn dart mounted into cap, and a soft dart tip glued to his nose, with a foam appliance around it
  • Total application -30 minutes


Appliance 2

  • Have a blade from a food processor that had flown loose and embedded itself in an actor’s jugular vein.
  • Achieved by applying layers
  • Fake blade glued to his neck, a blood tube glued over the top edge, and a wrap around foam neck appliance to go around the blade and cover the tube.
  • Total application- 1 hour


Both effects involved foam latex appliances that were white and unpainted. Here’s a step by step on how to apply color:

  • Cover the appliance in PAX paint -a mixture of latex acrylic paint and acrylic adhesive (this gives the pieces and base color and seals the porous surface)
  • Once glued on, finish the coloring by airbrushing several TEMPTU PRO Dura Skin and Trauma colors (this allows for a breakup of the color of the skin to give the illusion of tanning, sunburn, stubble, blood, etc)


This marbling of color layers was the icing on the cake, so to speak. The final cherry on top, of course, was a nice thick amount blood.  

Brian Kinney -Guest Blogger & Makeup FX Artist Working in Hollywood


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