Attaboy + Hi-Fructose + Vannen = Amazing Watches

I may be morally opposed to watches but this watch from the folks at Vannen may just make me change my mind.  I love it when artist’s collaborate with a compaies and create customized products (shoes, watches, bags, etc).  The watches at Vannen feature some of the hottest low-brow artists, including Travis Lampe, Thomas Han, and Buff Monster.  This Watch by Hi-Fructose co-founder Attaboy really takes the cake.  It is part of an exclusive limited edition of 40 signed and numbered watches and includes custom box graphics and an exclusive print for the release.  The watch, complete with etched metal backing and signature band, features purple and pink Attaboy Brine Queens swarming around your wrist.  If you are going to be at Comic Con in San Diego stop by the Hi-Fructose booth # 4939 Wednesday, July 21st and check them out.

-Gabbi, Temptu Creative


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