TEMPTU Triple Premier Weekend

It was a highly anticipated Premier weekend both for the big screen and for home viewers with back to back drama AMC style, all showcasing TEMPTU and TEMPTU PRO products!  Check out below for the big hits and what product was used.

SALT, the highly anticipated Angelia Jolie espionage film, CIA agent accused of being a Russian Spy.

-Makeup Artist Vincent Schicchi used the TEMPTU PRO Dura Palette Grease & Grime on various actors to depict dirt, road rash, and grass stains.


Mad Men, back for Season 4 of the sexy and styled Madison Ava advertising world of the ‘60s, drew a record breaking of 2.9 million viewers, making it the most-watched season premiere.   Airs every Sunday at 10/9c on AMC.

– The Mad Men Makeup Department  airbrushed various characters with the TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System & Pods


Rubicon, starring James Badge Dale, from 24 and HBO’s The Pacific, stars as an intelligence analyst who uncovers a global conspiracy.  Airs after Mad Men every Sunday at 11/10c on AMC.

-Makeup Artist, Vincent Schicchi, works his magic once again with TEMPTU PRO DURA products.


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