YouTube Beauty Guru Spotlight: JulieG

When it comes to beauty product reviews and tutorials nothing beats a good beauty blog or YouTube channel. With 19,562 followers on Twitter and 230,343 YouTube subscribers it’s safe to say JulieG713 is one of the most popular makeup mavens on the web and one of our favorites at TEMPTU. Wanting to know more about the woman behind the makeup, we asked Julie G a few questions.

 TEMPTU: What does beauty mean to you?

 JulieG: Beauty comes from within. Being kind and gracious is beautiful.

 TEMPTU: What 3 things would you take with you to a deserted island?

 JulieG: Sunscreen, Ipod, and my best friends!

 TEMPTU: What’s your favorite TEMPTU product – of what you’ve tried so far?

 JulieG: I love the TEMPTU PRO Concealer Wheel.  I have dark under eye circles and skin discoloration, so it helps to even things out with the different color choices!

 TEMPTU: What one thing is ALWAYS in your makeup bag?

 JulieG: Eye lash curler

 TEMPTU: Night or Day?

 JulieG: Night

 TEMPTU: Matte or Dewy?

 JulieG: Dewy

 TEMPTU: Bronzer or Blush?

 JulieG: Both!

 TEMPTU: Short or Long?

 JulieG: Long

 TEMPTU: Pool or Beach?

 JulieG: Beach

 TEMPTU: Diamonds or Pearls?

 JulieG: Diamonds

 Thanks JulieG! We can’t wait to see what’s on your YT channel next!

Click Here! to see JulieG’s tutorial on summer makeup, Coral-Glow Summer Skin featuring our Limited edition AIR pod™ Enhance Kit Blush & Highlighter in Summer Glam.


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