Eye Candy

As an artist I am absolutely addicted to fashion editorials, especially ones featuring breathtaking makeup.  I am always looking at fashion and avant-garde makeup for artistic inspiration.  I don’t remember how I came across Fashion Gone Rogue and more importantly I don’t know how I ever lived without it!  

Fashion Gone Rogue has it all runway, model features, editorials from tons of hi-fashion magazines, and a special Morning Beauty Feature that is always breathtaking.  One of the best things about FGR is that they are constantly posting new photos throughout the day.  It’s perfect for people like me who are addicted to hi-fashion photography but can’t shell out the $20-50 a month it would take to see just half of what this blog posts.  FGR even featured TEMPTU PRO’s sexy tigress spread in V Magazine.  Bottom line if everybody needs a little eye candy once and a while than Fashion Gone Rogue is one of the finest optical chocolate factories on the web!

-Gabbi, Temptu Creative


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