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We are thrilled to announce our new Friday from the Field Guest Blogger, Kristina Duff. Kristina is a celebrity makeup artist working in Los Angeles behind the scenes on television, film, photoshoots and red carpet events. Her credits include So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Got Talent, Mad Men, CNN among many many others. Look for her pro tips on Friday’s TEMPTU PRO blog for the next couple of months.

 Read on for her inaugural blog… 

Kristina Duff & Lauren G

Working on So You Think You Can Dance, Season 7, was both an honor and a pleasure!!!

Under the department head Amy Strozzi, I was able to put my talents to use on some pretty amazing faces!

TEMPTU PRO S/B is the only foundation I have in my kit. I generally airbrush on all my gigs, but sometimes I play around with other techniques. 

Have you ever just brushed on the S/B foundation??? Well that’s what I did here, for Lauren G of the All Star Team. I applied her makeup 6 hours prior to when this photo was taken…

If you ever find yourself in a pinch without a compressor or perhaps working a gig where they prefer you to use traditional makeup application techniques (or if the director specifically asks you to use something really sheer….brushing on the S/B formula will give you a BEAUTIFUL result! You can lightly apply for sheer or add layers for a full, yet skin like coverage.

I started with prepping her skin….toner, eye cream, moisturizer…and PRIMER (don’t forget your TEMPTU PRO S/B Primer)!! Then I went to town with S/B foundation #6 on a palette and a brush in my hand.

VIOLA!!!! Enjoy this new tip and have a FABULOUS FRIDAY!!!!

Kristina Duff


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  1. chandra says:

    I love Temptu products! I love the sb foundations blushes and shimmers. And KRISTINA is an amazing makeup artist and humanitarian. Check out Thanks for the wonderful tips.

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