Pro Tip of the Week

Kristina Duff touching up Courtney Hansen

Wow, it’s been a busy week! A 2 day photo shoot in Death Valley was intense with 120 degree heat, but working in the hot CA sun was a no-sweat job, thanks to my TEMPTU PRO S/B makeup!

 This week’s tip:

 How to pull off multiple looks with limited time without starting fresh.

1.  Remove the makeup from the eye area with a makeup remover wipe (followed by a cotton pad with water to rid the skin of any remover residue)

 2.  Airbrush the base back on and blend back into the 1st layer of foundation.

 3.  It’s been my experience with other foundations that they don’t blend and the line is apparent similar to that if you chip you nail polish and try to fill it back in. TEMPTU PRO S/B Foundation is easier to blend, even if it is already set!!

 4.  Tap a little S/B Mixing Medium into the base that has already set if you want some extra blending room. Viola-the base is set and you’re ready to do your next look!

Enjoy these Summer days and don’t forget your SPF! Oh, if you weren’t sure, sun block should be applied between the moisturizer and the primer. Wait a few minutes for the SPF to set in and then apply your TEMPTU PRO S/B Primer, followed by TEMPTU PRO S/B Foundation of course.

 -Kristina Duff ,  Celebrity Makeup Artist & Guest Blogger


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