Angela Kinsey on the Red Carpet

The Emmy Awards were this past Sunday, and Angela Kinsey looked gorgeous!

I swear every year gets better and better!

The man that’s in the picture with me below, is Theodore Leaf. Theodore does Angela’s hair and we really make a great team. Teamwork is key to me in the business, and on days like the Emmy’s, I actually prefer to work with the hair stylist at the same time so the look comes to life all at once!

Tip of the week: Concealer: Blend, Blend, Blend!

I am a total blender! Blending is the key to perfect color match! You never want it to be obvious that someone has concealer on.

Here are my steps to flawless skin:

  • First I fill my airbrush with TEMPTU PRO S/B Foundation #004 and #006.
  • Then I spray some of the foundation onto my palette, to mix it with my concealer – this gets me the closest color match possible
  • Next, I apply the concealer where it’s needed and I blend it out to make sure there are no brush strokes (everything shows up on HD!)
  • Once I’m done concealing, I airbrush the foundation
  • To complete the look, I dusted TEMPTU PRO Invisible Difference Powder ONE and perfecto!

Amazing, flawless skin!

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend! Till next week!    Kristina Duff – Guest Blogger and Hollywood Makeup Artist


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