A Shoot to The Moon

For Spring, the RISTO Collection labeled “A Shoot to the Moon”, designer Risto Bimbiloski takes his girl out of her urban comfort zone and flies her to the moon. Inspired by the recent acquisition of a super-powerful telescope, Bimbiloski muses on our satellite’s strange and timeless beauty, its scientific history and its mysterious dark side.

Max Delorme, key makeup artist for TEMPTU created a look he calls “romantic futuristic”. “I wanted to create a juxtaposition in color and placement, with the woman appearing naked and ethereal.” says Max.

The look:

  • TEMPTU AIR pod Foundation for the skin for overall even tone – futuristic and flawless
  • TEMPTU RETOUCH in Blushing Coral on temples and eyelids – contouring the face with a strong blush drawing the focus to the center of the face
  • TEMPTU PRO S/B Blue, Green and Pink Pearl mixed together placed as a beauty mark just underneath the lower lash line in the center. The dot of blue shimmery color creates an optical effect vibrating against the coral of the eyes and lids
  • TEMPTU RETOUCH in Translucent all over to create a matte effect

Max Delorme adding the finishing touch

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