“The Wayne Spring Summer 2011 girl is like Pris, the Replicant, in Bladerunner; she’s smart, strong and dangerous, yet also a delicate and vulnerable flower” explains Wayne Lee.

Just as the character Pris airbrushed herself in the film, the TEMPTU team along with Key makeup artist Danielle Fonseca, airbrushed the models to create a “fresh natural look with presence.” Wayne also chooses to incorporate TEMPTU’s custom temporary tattoos as body art for some of the pieces of the collection. The tattoos added edge and at the same time a delicate floral essence to each piece, another reference to Bladerunner.

*  TEMPTU AIR pod Foundation on the skin for overall minimal, even tone and soft finish.
*  TEMPTU AIR pod Highlighter in Champagne on the upper cheek line and brow bone for a strobe, shimmer effect

* TEMPTU AIR pod in All Over Bronzer (new in Spring 2011) on eyelid
TEMPTU PRO S/B specialized mix of Natural Blonde, Deep Taupe and Champagne Shimmer airbrushed in crease

* TEMPTU AIR pod Blush in Peony (new in Spring 2011) on the apples of the cheek for soft flush

TEMPTU PRO S/B in Raspberry airbrushed in the center of the lips for a subtle naturally bitten lip look

*  TEMPTU partnered with New York Artist Hope Gangloff to create custom temporary tattoo transfers for the body. The designs are Venus Flytraps and Pitcher Plants that grew out of the collaboration between Wayne Lee and Hope Gangloff for the Spring Collection fabrics and designs.

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  1. Tshidi says:

    Love love love the dewy and fresh look

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