Create realistic cuts and gashes with TEMPTU PRO

When creating Special F/X, whether it be for a Halloween costume or for film, knowing how to create realistic cuts and gashes can really come in handy.  In the spirit of the most gory holiday of the year, we would like to share with you how to create cuts and gashes so real looking you’ll be able to fool everyone.

What you need:


1. Select an area on the skin where you would like to place the cut or gash.

2. Cleanse the area thoroughly.  Make sure there is no oily residue on the surface of the skin

3. Begin to mix the 3rd Degree product on the palette by mixing Part A and Part B according to instructions.  Once thoroughly mixed begin to apply onto the skin.  For longer wear ability you can choose to place medical adhesive on the area before applying the 3rd Degree.

4. Use the palette knife to sculpt your wound.  Apply a thin layer for small scratches, or a think layer for larger wounds.

5. Once you have applied the proper amount of 3rd Degree onto the skin, begin cutting into it for desired gash/cut.

*Note: 3rd Degree takes approximately 4-5 minutes to set.  Be aware of your drying time.

6. Once the 3rd Degree has set, you can start coloring your gash with the airbrush and your BURN Dura Liquid Starter Set.  You may also use your Trauma Palette.

7. To color the inside of deep gashes use Old Bruise #329.   For the inside of shallow cuts and gashes use either Blood #326 or Dried Blood #327.

8. Airbrush the appropriate skin tones around the outside of the cut so that it matches the skin tone.  You can use either Dura Skin or any of our S/B Foundation colors.

9. To simulate irritation, apply reddish colors like Prime Read #318, Burn #335, or Fire Red #338 irregularly around the cut.

10. To create accent irritated areas you can create veins with Vein #319.

11. Use the Ben Nye Fresh Scab and Thick Blood to finish the look.  Do not powder; the shine of the unpowered TEMPTU PRO Palette colors adds to the effect.

Want to learn more Special F/X tricks?  Sign up for one of our classes, available at both TEMPTU PRO locations (New York and Los Angeles).


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