Get inspired with Adam Tenenbaum’s mesmerizing art!

We are excited to announce LA-based TEMPTU PRO makeup artist Adam Tenenbaum is currently being featured in a special artist spotlight on Iwata-Medea’s homepage! You may have seen Tenebaum’s work on the faces and bodies of the traveling performance group Zen Arts. “If high flying aerial acts, fire-breathing goddesses or snake-laden contortionists are needed…there’s a good chance we’re in house,” says Tenenbaum.

In the artist feature Tenenbaum goes into detail about the trials and tribulations of his latest project, a photo shoot with the performers of Zen Arts. “I learned a new level of game face. In the end, a couple Hail Marys and gallons of espresso later, I think the results speak for themselves.”

In our opinion, the results speak volumes about Adam Tenenbaum’s supreme level of creativity and makeup artistry.  Click here to get the whole story.


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