TEMPTU PRO on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Let’s face it: vampires are hot right now.  There’s Twilight, Vampire Dairies, True Blood, and now Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’s Suckers.  In Fallon’s new spoof, a new writer joins the Late Night staff and learns Jimmy Fallon and some of the others are hiding a very dark secret: they’re vampires.  To create the cast’s subtle undead look for the spoof, makeup artist Cyndie Boehm turned to TEMPTU PRO.

“We went back and forth a LOT about what the look will be, particularly Jimmy’s. Since it was a parody of so many different shows, I didn’t want to copy a look from just one particular show.  So, in the end, I came up with my own. The writer wanted them to look slightly undead, a bit “something about them is off but I’m not sure what”.

“I used the S/B 001 Porcelain on Morgan and Miles and also used S/B 034 Blue around the perimeter of Bashir’s face and slightly across his lips. With his skin being so dark, that blue gave just a touch of “hmm…something is off..” look! I also used S/B 006 Toffee on Higgins; airbrushing has been the best application for him.”

Cyndie Boehm also commented that TEMPTU PRO’s alcohol pro based palettes have also been a huge help on set. “The veins that you see on the side of Jimmy’s face in the close up were both done with the palette.”

The first episode of Suckers aired on November 8th at the beginning of Late Night.  Click the thumbnail below to watch the clip.


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