TEMPTU PRO in Bella Circo’s Oceania

The avant-garde circus experience has been a hot trend in modern entertainment for years.  Shows like Cirque Du Soleil set the groundwork for this quickly expanding form of entertainment as early as 1987 with its show Le Cirque Reinvente.  I am sure we can all agree that costume, and of  course makeup play as important a role in the avant-garde circus show, as the physical feats that are performed.  In 2009 TEMPTU PRO teamed up with Lucent Dossier Vaudeville Cirque first for the 51st Grammy’s and later in April for their Coachella performance.  Always working to be on the cutting edge of makeup, TEMPTU PRO has teamed up with Bella Circo for their Oceania show. Here are a few behind the scenes images of the looks created with the help of our Dura Airbrush Makeup formula.

Check back tomorrow for a TEMPTU PRO special Q&A with the makeup artist behind these looks.


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