Get Samantha Gradoville’s Look from Numéro #118

We absolutely love supermodel Samantha Gradoville’s look in this shoot with for Numéro magazine.  Makeup artist Maud Laceppe created a light, whimsical look that evokes the light feelings of springtime, while remaining totally relevant for this season’s wintry trends.  You can recreate this dreamy look using TEMPTU PRO’s S/B airbrush makeup.

1.  Prime the skin before applying makeup.  We suggest using our S/B Primer.  Its botanicals and naturally derived silicone, will prime and perfect the skin, allowing for an even smoother makeup application.

2.  Apply concealer and foundation.  Our S/B Foundation makes it easy to achieve the flawless, porcelain complexion that Samantha Gradoville flaunts in this look.

3.  Next squeeze a few drops of S/B Hi-Def Pink into your airbrush.  Apply blush starting on the apples of the cheeks, blending out into the hairline and around the outside of the eye.

4.  For eyes, use our S/B Hi-Def makeup in 024 Yellow, and apply over entire eye area.  For more control around the brow area, you can use the Airbrow Shaper Stencil.

5.  For an added smokey touch, apply S/B 061 Rich Brown starting near the inside of the eye, and blend out to the center of the eye.

6.  Finish off the look with mascara of your choice, and you have a look that will transition easily from the cold winter months into sunny Spring.


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