#3 of TEMPTU PRO’s Top 10 of 2010 Countdown!

Not wanting to forget 2010 just yet, we thought that we would wait just a little bit longer to post our top three moments of 2010. Without further adieu here is #3:   TEMPTU PRO’s S/B formula used on set of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in their vampire spoof Suckers.

Vampires were one of the hottest TV and movie trends of 2010.  We’ve seen them be sexy, scary, romantic, and tragic . . .but funny?  Only a comedic powerhouse like Jimmy Fallon could pull this off.  TEMPTU PRO was only too happy to lend a hand in transforming cast members Morgan, Miles, and Bashir into a bunch of “Suckers”.  Click HERE to watch the original Late Night clip.


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