Rooney Mara rocks TEMPTU PRO tattoos on W Magazine Cover

When makeup artist Torsten Witte, came to TEMPTU PRO to help transform starlet Rooney Mara, into the iconic heroine Lisbeth Salander for W Magazine, you better believe we jumped at the chance.

As excited as we were to create these custom tattoos (wasp, “Salander” text, arm text, and dragon), we could not anticipate how amazing the final result would be.  Rooney’s transformation from the sweet girl next door into a ruff-and-tough goth goddess is truly amazing!  If the star studded cast (Daniel Craig, Stellan Skarsgård, Robin Wright, Christopher Plummer, and Joely Richardson) wasn’t enough to get you ampted for the December 2011 release of Sony’s interpretation of this epic series, Rooney’s W Magazine cover and spread will certainly do the trick!  Click HERE to read all about it on

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