TEMPTU PRO for Odilon Fall 2011

For her Fall 2011 collection, Stacey Clark designer of the California-based Odilon held a multi-media presentation for her Fall 2011 New York Fashion Week Debut.  Clark’s collection was inspired by the myth of the Greek Goddess Persephone and her transformation from a young, naïve girl into the womanly, unwilling queen of the underworld.  The multi-media presentation included a short film by filmmaker Alia Raza featuring Hailey Gates, accompanied by a live music set by DJ Rachel Chandler. Artist / makeup artist William Lemon III will keyed the makeup for TEMPTU PRO.

“The pomegranate tears of Persephone,” says makeup artist William Lemon III on the subject of inspiration for the makeup. “I thought of the story of Persephone and worked with a dark almost tear drop shape to evoke a kind of sadness. The painted hands represent her imprisonment.”

That’s right!  Most of the models for this show stepped onto the runway sporting red, black, or iridescent brown hands. How did the TEMPTU PRO team create such an edgy look?  You’ll just have to tune in next week and read all about it!

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