Q&A with Wendi Avignone Key Makeup Artist for Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior

Last night CBS’s debuted their newest show Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior.  TEMPTU was lucky enough to be featured on the faces of the show’s three female leads: Janeane Garofalo, Beau Garrett, and Kirsten Vangsness.  The show’s Key Makeup Artist, Wendi Avignone, is no stranger to TEMPTU PRO products, having used them previously on the set of Heroes.  We sat down with her to get her insights on Airbrush makeup, and how it’s making the lives of on set makeup artists that much easier.

TEMPTU:  You have worked on many iconic television series such including Heroes, Entourage, and 24. What are the 5 “Makeup Kit” essential products you can never show up to set without?
Wendi A:  Color Pallets (TEMPTU PRO, Illustrator), Antishine, Sponges, Q’tips, & Tissue of Course.

TEMPTU:  How do you perfect the no-makeup-look when applying cosmetics to the male cast members?
Wendi A:  A light hand is important for me when applying a Man’s Makeup.  I don’t want him to look like he is wearing anything, so my concerns are with concealing where needed for the most part, followed by a light base and powder.

TEMPTU:  Working in such a fast paced environment, would you say airbrushing has positively affected the time it takes to get cast members ready?
Wendi A:  Indeed, however; I have only found this out in the last year.  Airbrush for me before was strictly bodies for the most part and Tattoo covering for the guys on Heroes.  I Never was a big fan of airbrushing faces for fear of the Actor not liking the brush and for fear of not being able to perfect it.  I have found that not only is it easier and less time consuming, but that most people welcome that flawless look, especially with HD.

TEMPTU:  On Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior, there are quite a few dead bodies.  What is the top special effect every makeup artist should master?
Wendi A:  TEMPTU PRO coloring came in very handy for a few of our heavier episodes in this first season.  Covering a body by hand with makeup for a dead body, takes far too long.  Airbrushing was a huge factor in getting things done in a timely manor as Television is so fast paced.  So I would say, death coloring and bruising for sure.

TEMPTU:  How has airbrush makeup improved the way actors and actresses look on television?  How about how airbrush has improved makeup artists working backstage?
Wendi A:  I think it makes a huge difference with HD.  Again it gives a very flawless look and I don’t believe you can achieve that anymore with HD and a regular foundation application.

TEMPTU:  What is a great on set airbrush tip or trick that you can give to our readers working in salons or even airbrushing themselves at home?
Wendi A:  Make sure you keep your brush at short distance from your face.  Don’t get to close or you will get blotchy areas.  Make sure you also use the airbrush slightly around the neckline and blend down.  Wouldn’t hurt you to smooth with a sponge to ensure a flawless finish.

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  1. Tshidi says:

    It’s always refreshing to hear from other Makeup Artists. I’ve been using Airbushing for a few months now, and Wendi hit all the pros of Aibrush makeup. It’s obsessive.

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