Don’t just watch the Oscars, Makeup and GO! to them

It’s Oscar time!  That’s right this Sunday the hottest stars in the chicest (and sometimes cringe worthy) dresses will be hitting that notorious Red Carpet.  What’s one thing that several Red Carpet strutters will have in common this year?  Flawless faces!

That’s right TEMPTU PRO airbrush makeup will be on the scene, courtesy of Makeup and GO!.  This gorgeous LA based makeup studio is the go-to spot for L.A. lasses who want to get glam quickly without having to go to a department store beauty counter.  Because of their speedy and spectacular results Makeup and GO! has become an absolutes must for any red carpet go-er or dreamer alike.

The TEMPTU PRO Team took a few minutes with Makeup and GO! makeup artist Kellie Batiste to find out her Red Carpet musts, and why TEMPTU PRO is always one of them.

TEMPTU: You have been using TEMPTU PRO airbrush makeup for a while now.  What makes it a good fit with Makeup and GO!?
Kellie:  I absolutely love the TEMPTU PRO airbrush! The application is smooth, flawless and long-wearing. Temptu gives every complexion an ageless radiant glow.

TEMPTU:  What are you favorite TEMPTU PRO products?
Kellie:  My favorite TEMPTU PRO products are the S/B Highlighters and Adjusters. I also love the options of mixing the perfect color foundation for every skin tone by adding the color correcting pigments and highlighters to the foundation.

TEMPTU:  Why do you turn to TEMPTU PRO products to create a flawless face?
Kellie:  TEMPTU PRO is easy to control and affords me the coverage versatility to expertly correct hyper-pigmentation and various complexion inconsistencies with no product build-up and creasing in no time at all!

TEMPTU:  What’s the most requested look for the Red Carpet?
Kellie:  The most requested look for the Red Carpet is fresh, glowing skin: this means youthful invisible foundation. Perfect Skin!!

TEMPTU:  What are your most important PRO tip for any Red Carper go-er?
Kellie:  My biggest PRO-tips for the Red Carpet are soft concealer and corrector; you don’t want your client to have white rings around the eyes; “not cute” under the glare of the paparazzi! Also add a soft touch of glowing Bronzer to outer perimeter cheekbone and décolletage to lift the skin; no matter what skin tone or complexion.  Bronzer should highlight and warm the skin using golden or peach shades…make sure not to use heavy dull browns and electric oranges that darken and contour skin.  Last but not least all ways make sure to step back access the application in the light to make sure the skin is pure perfection!

Remember fans the Makeup and GO! beauty treatments aren’t just for Hollywood stars and starlets.  They offer an amazingly affordable list of beauty treatments to get you glam for any occasion.  Make sure you ask for the “GO Flawless” look to get the TEMPTU treatment from a Makeup and GO! master.


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