A few moments with MUA Jonah Levy Part 1

This past weekend the first ever IMATS New York was held at 82 Mercer in Soho.  The TEMPTU PRO team was there to experience this momentous occasion first hand.  We were happy to welcome the makeup and special effects expertise of Jonah Levy both at the TEMPTU PRO booth, and on the Open Forum Stage.  After his amazing Zombieland demo, we took a few moments to sit Jonah down and ask him a few questions about his inspirations, favorite projects, and what he thought about IMATS’s New York debut.

What are some of the products and emerging trends that you’ve seen come out of IMATS New York?

JL – It’s hard to say. I mean I haven’t really gotten a chance to spend a lot of time at each booth because I’ve been at the TEMPTU PRO booth a lot.  I’m a big fan of the ZÜCA bags.  I’ve had one for a while and I bought another one here. I’ve had a lot of makeup cases over the years, and I’ve found that this is one of the first that I can multitask with.  In other words I can have some pre-packed bags that are already set aside, so if I have to do a job I can grab it off the shelf.  For example I already know this one has my corpse kit or whatever and throw it in my bag and go.  Also if I’m traveling, like when I came up here, I don’t have to pack extra luggage.  I have two of them filled up with my clothes and two of them filled with my makeup.  It’s an all- in-one bag.  I really like that bag.

I saw the Glamcor is kinda doing something similar with bags and whatnot.  As far as brand new products I haven’t seen a lot of stuff that I’m not familiar with yet, but I do a lot of research so maybe for me compared to a student it’s a different take on it.

Is the audience here at IMATS New York about what you would have expected or is it a little bit of a different mix?

JL – I think it’s many more students then I would have expected.  I don’t see a lot of the PROs here.  I think it would have been nice to meet and mingle with a few more of the industry vets.  I haven’t seen that a lot, but on the flipside they may have been here and because I was at the booth I didn’t meet them.  It seems more of a trend of younger students and kids at this show.

It seems like this IMATS is really filled with the next generation of makeup artists.

JL – Yeah, that what it appears to be.  The thing with New York is if you are a pro you are most likely working, so they may not be taking the time off to come to the show if they’re doing a job.  It’s kinda a good thing.  If the pros aren’t here they’ve probably been so busy they need a day off.

Zombie look Jonah created for IMATS New York.

Want to hear more from Jonah?  Check back here tomorrow for more from this TEMPTU PRO exclusive interview!

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