A few moments with MUA Jonah Levy Part 2

Yesterday you read Jonah’s impressions, experience, and favorite finds at the first ever IMATS New York.  To get to know Jonah a little deeper TEMPTU PRO asked him about his favorite projects, artistic inspirations, and upcoming work.

What has been your favorite special FX work that you have created so far?

JL – I really don’t have an answer for that.  Because every project has it’s own challenge, you know?  And I really do grow and learn from each one, so I can’t say this one is my favorite over that one.  I’ve been fortunate enough to do a lot of really cool stuff, so everything kinda forces me to keep growing bigger.

Are there any future projects or any upcoming work that you are particularly excited about?

JL – There are some that are in the works that I can’t talk about, because they are confidential.  The Green Lantern project I’m pretty proud to have worked on that.   It was a really great team.   The team just kind of welcomed me in with open arms because I hadn’t worked with them before.  And we got to do some pretty amazing work on that.  I mean I learned a tremendous amount. I feel really proud of what we put out.

Are there artists that you follow now, where you really admire their work and what they are doing?

JL – Yeah Joel Harlow, who I worked for on Green Lantern, he’s pretty amazing.  I follow him a lot. There is a gentleman named Bill Corso I’d like to work with.  I met a few people on Green Lantern, Richie Alonzo and Dave Dupuis who are awesome. I learned a lot from them.
I want to work with director Chris Nolan though.  I would really love to be a part of one of his productions. I really love his sensibility, and I think it would be a great team to be a part of.

You’ve already had one DC movie so why not two?

JL – Well The Dark Knight Rises is coming up so. . . maybe, maybe. We’ll see.

Check back on Tuesday for the final installment of “A few moments with MUA Jonah Levy”.

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