TEMPTU’s New Undereye Concealer: It’s Photoshop in a Tube!

July 27, 2010

TEMPTU has just launched an innovative new undereye concealer. Try it once and you’ll be hooked! This new formula awakens sleepy puffy eyes and its Diamond Core with Luminera Complex transforms UV light into photoluminescence!

What exactly makes this formula so special?

  • It dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration.
  • It hydrates and smooths with a silicone in water complex.
  • It cools and soothes inflammation with Cucumber and Chamomile AND infuses the skin with Antioxidants and vitamins!

Not only will you look  REFRESHED and GLOWING, you will simultaneously be REPAIRING DAMAGE!

Get yours now at temptu.com or sephora.com


Beauty Etc. OUT NOW

July 21, 2010

We at TEMPTU have been waiting patiently for MONTHS for Beauty, Etc. the new digital magazine from Creative Age Publishing to come out. One of our favorite beauty editors, the venerable Karie Frost, has been hard at work through much of 2010 on the radical new digital magazine for all things beauty for all you professional and wannabe professional makeup artists out there!

It is an absolute MUST READ for summer particularly if you are looking for the downlow on all things airbrush! See work by Anne Kohlhagen, one of our favorite TEMPTU PRO makeup artists, who’s artistry, with the help of TEMPTU and TEMPTU PRO, dominates the pages on airbrush makeup.

Read Beauty, Etc. here.

TEMPTU Featured in The New York Times

June 11, 2010

The TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System stars in this week’s New York Times Thursday Styles (6/10/10). Cosmetics editor Catherine Saint Louis reviews today’s cutting-edge makeup technology in the Skin Deep feature; “Makeup to Help Flaws Disappear.” Comparing several foundation applicators claiming to help create a “naturally perfect look,” she calls TEMPTU the “Rolls-Royce.” Catherine Saint Louis calls TEMPTU’s AIRbrush Makeup System “addictive, especially for overachievers who can’t resist striving for perfect skin.”

Today, women want to look flawless and simultaneously natural, gone are the days of caked on makeup and “putting on your face.” TEMPTU gives today’s modern women the glowing skin and flawless perfection once only seen in movies and magazines. As Catherine Saint Louis puts it, “they don’t call it Tempt-u for nothing.”

Click here to read the full article.

What an Honor – A Webby Honor (Yeah)!!!

April 14, 2010

How exciting to find out that Temptu.com has been selected as an Official Honoree in Beauty and Cosmetics by the 14th Annual Webby Awards!  According to the Webbys, to be selected for this honor from the more than 8000 entries, we had to demonstrate “an outstanding caliber of work [and] a standard of excellence.”  We sure are flattered and we’ll continue to bring more beauty innovations, more video tutorials, more pro tips, more peeks backstage and inside Temptu – more of everything to give you the most exciting brand experience we can imagine.  Something you’d like to see on our website that we may not have touched on yet?  Let me know under comments!   And thank you, Webbys!


For Those About to Early Adopt (We Salute You)

April 6, 2010

After months of anticipation, Apple finally released its iPad over the weekend, hailed by many as the revolutionary device that will change our relationship to technology and oh-so-much-more.  Could you go anywhere these past two weeks without hearing about the thing?  I know I couldn’t.

Much of that revolution will fall in the hands of those bold souls who stood on line outside Apple stores across the country waiting, salivating, to get their hands on The Next Big Thing.  These folks are commonly known as “Early Adopters”, and I’m sure Apple thanks their lucky stars for them every day.

At TEMPTU, we also know a thing or two about revolutions and we are also grateful for our early adopters (more beauty junkies than straight-up tech-heads, but definitely hip enough to marry the two).  They take a chance on a new technology, help us to get the word out about the beauty of airbrush makeup, and give us much needed feedback on our consumer line.

When you’re trying anything new, there’s always an element of surprise, excitement, and yes, risk.  So why take that risk?  What drives the early adopter?  It’s that exhilaration of being one of the first, because you had to have it, because you knew that this would forever alter the way you did something that you so took for granted just a short time before, because you believed in the promise that this would change – no, infinitely improve – your life.

So this week, with Spring in the air and newness on my brain, I’d like to give a giant shout-out to all those early adopters who face the world with endless enthusiasm and who never sit on the sidelines.  You make the world go round.