Tattoo Coverage Tips from the Pros

November 29, 2010

Here are TEMPTU PRO’s  Top 5 Tattoo Coverage Tips:

1.  Make sure you use complimentary colors when covering tattoos.  For example: Coral Adjuster #320 color covers black and blue inks, Red Adjuster #322 covers green inks, Olive Adjuster #321 covers red inks, etc.  A great way to save money and get all these colors together is to purchase our Dura Pro Palette in Skinlight.

2. Brush size matters.  Use wider bristled synthetic brushes to cover large areas of the tattoo, and smaller brushes to cover more detailed areas.

3.  When covering a tattoo using a Dura Pro Palette, use a generous amount of 99% alcohol to create a wash of coverage.  This process will cancel out the brightness of the tattoo.

4.  Use a alcohol based makeup, like our Dura formula, to complete your tattoo coverage.  Our Total Skin Dura Starter Set is ideal for this and offers a complete spectrum of foundation color combinations.

5.  To achieve a more natural skin finish, you may put a layer of S/B Foundation on top for a flawless finish.


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TEMPTU PRO’s Top 10 Makeup Musts for Mature Skin

November 17, 2010

We’ve had a lot of fans ask for tips on applying makeup to mature skin.  We turned to our resident TEMPTU PRO makeup artists Shannon and Adrian for their top 10 Makeup Musts for Mature Skin.

1. Make sure the skin is well moisturized.  A more cream based moisturizer tends to work best.  We love Embryolisse’s Lait Creme Concentre (24 HOUR MIRACLE CREAM).

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