New beauty trend: the bleached brow look

November 2, 2010

Highly defined brows may have been a big trend at the S/S 2011 GANT show but another rising trend in fashion is almost it’s complete opposite; the bleached brow look.  For 2010, natural shapes may still the predominant eyebrow style; however, one thing has definitely taken a big turn is color.  Bleached brows are popping up all over the place on the runway, in photo shoots, and even on America’s Next Top Model.

Whether you are working on a photo shoot, or just looking to try this look out yourself, knowing how to get the bleached brow look without the commitment of actually bleaching your brows is a valuable bit of knowledge that every makeup artist should know.

Getting the bleached brow look with TEMPTU PRO:

1.  Start by applying S/B Primer on and around the brow area.  This will help prime and perfect the skin, allowing for an even smoother makeup application.

2.  Next use S/B Adjuster in 030 White to cover up the brow and set a natural base for the lighter brow color.  You may have to apply more then one layer for darker brows.

3.  Finally to get that bleached brow look, airbrush S/B Airbrow Color 064 Natural Blonde onto the brow area until desired color is achieved.  If you want to lighten the color for a whiter, more dramatic effect, add a drop or two of our lighter S/B Foundation shades like, 001 Porcelain or 002 Blush Ivory to your gun’s cup.

Voila!  You now have a bleached brow that’s runway-ready or picture perfect without the commitment of actually having to bleach your brows


Got Roots?

August 11, 2010

Have you ever been working on a client and you just cannot take your eyes off their horrendous roots? This happened to me a few months ago while working backstage at Fashion Week. With all the preparations, one of the designers assistants who will remain nameless, did not have time to make it to the salon to have her gray touched up. She was frantic trying to pick out hats and hair pieces that would cover up the very noticeably gray hair. Thank goodness for TEMPTU PRO Airbrow. With the colors in the pack you can mix and match to make just about any hair color, you could even give your client highlights!  The color will last all day and will wash out easily with shampoo. It’s a great solution for a last minute touch up!

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-Shannon, TEMPTU PRO

Check out this amazing brow tutorial!

December 16, 2009

Check out this Youtube tutorial with Makeup Artist Koren Zander. In this video, Koren demonstrates how to achieve flawless brows both by hand and with a template.

Remember, when you buy any S/B kit from, you get a free airbrow set!

Shannon, Temptu Pro

Flaunt Magazine

May 21, 2008

Donald Simrock, Beauty Editor of Flaunt Magazine, called in Temptu airbrush makeup to create the surreal ocular landscapes for Flaunt’s May 2008 beauty feature. For bold, vivid eye color makeup artist Wendy Karcher used Temptu S/B High Def airbrush makeup in Blue and Purple, and for brow enhancement the Temptu Airbrow Kit.