Get the Look: Odilon FW 2011

February 22, 2011

The look the TEMPTU PRO Team created backstage for the Fall 2011 Odilon show, was definitely one of the most avant-garde looks we’ve created for New York Fashion Week.  Now here’s your chance to learn how to recreate the look yourself!

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Get Samantha Gradoville’s Look from Numéro #118

December 10, 2010

We absolutely love supermodel Samantha Gradoville’s look in this shoot with for Numéro magazine.  Makeup artist Maud Laceppe created a light, whimsical look that evokes the light feelings of springtime, while remaining totally relevant for this season’s wintry trends.  You can recreate this dreamy look using TEMPTU PRO’s S/B airbrush makeup.

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Tattoo Coverage Tips from the Pros

November 29, 2010

Here are TEMPTU PRO’s  Top 5 Tattoo Coverage Tips:

1.  Make sure you use complimentary colors when covering tattoos.  For example: Coral Adjuster #320 color covers black and blue inks, Red Adjuster #322 covers green inks, Olive Adjuster #321 covers red inks, etc.  A great way to save money and get all these colors together is to purchase our Dura Pro Palette in Skinlight.

2. Brush size matters.  Use wider bristled synthetic brushes to cover large areas of the tattoo, and smaller brushes to cover more detailed areas.

3.  When covering a tattoo using a Dura Pro Palette, use a generous amount of 99% alcohol to create a wash of coverage.  This process will cancel out the brightness of the tattoo.

4.  Use a alcohol based makeup, like our Dura formula, to complete your tattoo coverage.  Our Total Skin Dura Starter Set is ideal for this and offers a complete spectrum of foundation color combinations.

5.  To achieve a more natural skin finish, you may put a layer of S/B Foundation on top for a flawless finish.


To learn how to perfectly cover any tattoo sign up for our Tattoo Workshop.

New beauty trend: the bleached brow look

November 2, 2010

Highly defined brows may have been a big trend at the S/S 2011 GANT show but another rising trend in fashion is almost it’s complete opposite; the bleached brow look.  For 2010, natural shapes may still the predominant eyebrow style; however, one thing has definitely taken a big turn is color.  Bleached brows are popping up all over the place on the runway, in photo shoots, and even on America’s Next Top Model.

Whether you are working on a photo shoot, or just looking to try this look out yourself, knowing how to get the bleached brow look without the commitment of actually bleaching your brows is a valuable bit of knowledge that every makeup artist should know.

Getting the bleached brow look with TEMPTU PRO:

1.  Start by applying S/B Primer on and around the brow area.  This will help prime and perfect the skin, allowing for an even smoother makeup application.

2.  Next use S/B Adjuster in 030 White to cover up the brow and set a natural base for the lighter brow color.  You may have to apply more then one layer for darker brows.

3.  Finally to get that bleached brow look, airbrush S/B Airbrow Color 064 Natural Blonde onto the brow area until desired color is achieved.  If you want to lighten the color for a whiter, more dramatic effect, add a drop or two of our lighter S/B Foundation shades like, 001 Porcelain or 002 Blush Ivory to your gun’s cup.

Voila!  You now have a bleached brow that’s runway-ready or picture perfect without the commitment of actually having to bleach your brows

Temptu Makes It To Primetime!

July 8, 2008

In a recent episode of Fox Network’s hit TV show, So You Think You Can Dance?, selected dancers were adorned with Temptu Makeup for the opening dance sequence choreographed by Emmy Award Winning Mia Michaels, most noted for her work with Cirque du Soleil, Celine Dion, Madonna, and Ricky Martin. 

Makeup Department Head Amy Strozzi created the look by airbrushing stenciled hearts with Temptu Dura Paints and S/B Foundations #2 and #4.   Assisting Amy was the very talented Kristina Duff, Professional Makeup Artist and Temptu Aficionado.

Johnny Depp gets the Airbrush Treatment

January 17, 2008

The Oscar winning makeup artist Peter Owen was hired by Tim Burton to work on his latest film “Sweeney Todd”When it came to the makeup Peter Owen knew that Mr. Burton would be using a Bleach Bypass Processing method – this is a method that gives the film a high contrast look and also adds to the Silver Halides in the film negative thus creating a mute silver look, knowing this Owen’s decided to go for a very “dead” look, he felt this would perfectly compliment the colors of the film.

Owen’s decided to airbrush the foundations in order to achieve a flawless paleness to the faces, he then went in under the eyes and sprayed a darker color creating dark rings and bags giving him a feeling of depth, he also used his airbrush to spray a stripe through his hair adding to the drama of the character.

Peter Owen is a very talented makeup artist with over 20 award winning film credits, 7 personal wins, and 1 Oscar win (Lord of the Rings)

If you wanted to achieve this look you could use Temptu’s Porcelain Foundation with a smidgen of our Blue Adjuster for the foundation.

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